HARRY POTTER TC2 - Ultimate bundle

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Τύπος Προϊόντος:Άλμπουμ και πακέτα
εσωτερικοί χώροι:Χρώματα
Διατίθεται για παράδοση στις ακόλουθες χώρες:Greece
Εμφάνιση πηγής αποστολής::Italy
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Calling all Harry Potter fans: get ready!

Each bundle contains:
2 box 
1 Starter pack
All the magic of the movies in a collection of cards! After many albums, Panini launches its first collection of cards dedicated to the most famous wizard!
Find in this magical collection of 216 cards, 60 special cards and 9 sublime Limited Edition cards combining silver foil, hot gilding, and relief printing, to be found in our various products.
* cards distributed randomly in the pockets.
*Available while stocks last
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