FORTNITE Official Trading Card Collection SERIES 2 - SUPER Bundle


Calling all Fortnite fans: get ready!

The brand-new official Fortnite trading card collection containing 250-card base set including 200 Outfits, 13 Map Cards and 37 Harvesting Tool Cards from the Fortnite universe has arrived!

Look for these randomly inserted cards:

On average, non-base cards are included approximately 1:4 packs.

Each bundle contains:-

2 MEGA BOX (12 packs plus 3 Cracked Ice plus  1 Holofoil Parallel)  - a total of 192 CARDS + 6 CRACKED ICE + 2 HOLOFOIL PARALLEL
10 FATPACKS -  a total of 240 CARDS + 20 BONUS CARDS  

FREE SHIPPING is offered with the bundle.

*Available while stocks last

  • Τύπος Προϊόντος: Άλμπουμ και πακέτα
  • Ετος: 2021
  • Γλώσσα: Πολύγλωσσος
  • εσωτερικοί χώροι: Χρώματα
  • Διατίθεται για παράδοση στις ακόλουθες χώρες: Greece
  • Εμφάνιση πηγής αποστολής:: Italy